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Does this sound familiar?

You’re the go-to expert everyone seeks when they need help.
You’re the one who seems to have it all figured out.
You’re killing the game and taking names.

But if you’re being honest.


If you’re like most high-achieving women, you know exactly what you want but struggle with the anticipated sacrifice it will take to get there.

You’re not willing to risk one more:

Sleepless night worrying about satisfying your best customer
Missed family dinner while you meet an urgent deadline
Broken friendship because you’re too busy to show up when needed
Lost business deal to you shrinking into overwhelm

… and the list goes on.

What we know to be true is that your ambition is not the problem - it’s how you’re using it.

It’s time to say goodbye to unachievable to-do lists, broken boundaries and sacrificing in order to succeed.
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The Ambition Clarity Session
You have decades of experience, a lengthy track record of accomplishments yet you can’t seem to get clear on what is tugging at your heart.

Maybe you’re struggling with how to sustain an exponential growth spurt in your business and you need help streamlining your revenue streams.

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with delegating and double-checking your employees work and have considered scaling down just to catch your breath.

You need an unbiased space and judgement-free zone to unpack your secret (and sacred) truths.

In this 90-minute Ambition Clarity Session, we’ll spend the first half brain dumping all of the intuitive insights you’ve been receiving. Then, we’ll narrow down your most aligned course of action into a 30-day written plan that you can use to move you forward.

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Laura Evans
Hear how 2x Emmy-Award Winning journalist and entrepreneur restructured her business for scalability by enrolling in The Ambition Intensive.
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The Ambition Intensive
The Ambition Intensive is a 30 day coaching experience to kickstart the momentum you need to accelerate the next stage in your ambitious journey.

In this three hour-long intensive, we’ll identify your most important short-term and long-term goals in all areas of your life. We’ll get down to the nitty gritty truth behind your self-sabotaging habits and excuses keeping you in “thinking about it” instead of “being about it” mode. Then we’ll create a six-month milestone plan with get it done accountability structures to ensure you keep your word to yourself.

After the 3-hour intensive, you have unlimited access to your coach via email and WhatsApp for 30-days of mindset and business support - when the going gets tough.

Then we’ll wrap up the entire experience with a 1-hour accountability session to complete your experience.


*Payment plans available upon request
There's a difference between information and transformation!
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The Ambition Experience
Warning! This program isn’t for your average woman.  The Ambition Experience is a custom designed program for the woman more committed to her long term success than immediate gratification. Imagine what’s possible when you ante up and go all in with betting on yourself?

Imagine upgrading your target market to finally attract customers that say yes without objections. Imagine having the bold conversations that addresses the dysfunction within your team and surrounds you with A players. Imagine the rush of adrenaline when you land another high dollar client as you work your path to a one million dollar roadmap.

Yes, all of that is possible, and so much more, when you make a long-term commitment to your growth.  We know because those are the types of goals our clients are working to achieve daily.

This twelve-month coaching program consists of two 60-minute video sessions per month, unlimited access to your coach via email or WhatsApp and business templates to help you align your goals into your life.

Most clients continue well past the initial twelve-months because there’s no such thing as a too much of a good thing.

INVESTMENT - $1,800 per month

Hi! I'm Queirra

Professional Certified Coach and Speaker

After more than a decade of career achievements in the marketing industry, I hit rock bottom when my employer spoke five dreaded words, “Today is your last day.” That moment turned into my ultimate breakthrough – not only were my achievements not keeping me safe, they were also burning me out.

Now I lead and inspire professional and entrepreneurial businesses on how to ditch analysis paralysis, release perfectionism and let go of the hustle.

Together, let's set your ambition on fire.

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A Few Words From Some Successful
Ambition Squad Members

"Masterfully guided us..."
"Queirra masterfully guided us through an exploratory exercise of discovery into our intuitive leadership style helping to uncover what is truly hindering success. Her professionalism, poise, and willingness to share her own vulnerability connected her with the audience resulting in genuine engagement."
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Dana Hutson
Past President, NAWBO Greater DC Chapter
"Allowed me to shift from employee to executive..."
“I was two years into my business and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first child when I decided to work with Queirra.  I was tired of shying away from the bigger opportunities and living with the anxiety of an imagined future.Our open, honest and vulnerable coaching sessions allowed me to shift from employee to executive in my business and life.”
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Mary Collins
Founder, Blue Fern Travel  Food Tours